Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Mint Chip Mochi Ice Cream

Double Chocolate Mochi Ice Cream

Our Brands

Mikawaya® Mochi Ice Cream

Want a taste of authentic Japanese Mochi Ice Cream? Every bite of Mikawaya® Mochi Ice Cream you take, you’ll be transported directly to Japan.

Make Every Moment Matter


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MyMo™ Mochi Ice Cream

With a cool, creamy center wrapped in soft, yet sweet dough, it’s the perfect way to enjoy ice cream every day.

Irresistibly Indulgent. Irresistibly Fun.

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The Original & Best Mochi Ice Cream

Some days you may want to indulge in chocolate, while other days are better for strawberry, green tea, or even mango—everyday is a different flavor. Our two brands of Mochi Ice Cream represent your ever changing cravings. For a traditional flavor from home, try Mikawaya® Mochi Ice Cream. For fun, indulgent treat you’ll love to share with friends try MyMo™. No matter what mood you’re in, our original and best Mochi Ice Cream will satisfy even your craziest cravings.

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