What is Mochi Ice Cream?

Mochi Ice Cream Timeline

Inside of A Mochi Ice Cream


Mochi Ice Cream is the sum of two delicious parts:

1. Sweet Mochi Dough

Our Mochi dough is made from sweet rice dough that is smooth and soft to the touch. The slightly chewy dough quickly melts in your mouth from the first bite.

2. Premium Ice Cream

Our Mochi Ice Cream is made with delicious, premium ice cream. Our ice cream is high in butterfat and very low in overrun, which gives you a creamy and rich experience.

Our Brands of Mochi Ice Cream

Are you looking for an authentic Japanese treat to bring home to the family? Are you looking to try something new? Maybe you’re simply looking for a portable ice cream treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? No matter what you’re looking for, we have a Mochi for you! Explore our brands of Mochi Ice Cream below!

Our Brands

105 Years of Sweets

About Mikawaya® Mochi Ice Cream

We are proud to provide the original Japanese Mochi Ice Cream. Founded over 105 years ago, our company has created an abundance of Mochi-based confections that have been enjoyed and loved since 1910. The Mochi we produce is simply the best. Today, we value creating and delivering premium Mochi Ice Cream that your customers and your families can rely on. Mochi isn’t just about having a treat – it’s about being the hero when you share it with your family and friends.

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